Widest butterfly mower conditioner on the market and packed with advanced features!
The ELHO NM 10500 SF (SideFlow) butterfly mower conditioner features an adjustable working width from 9.4 to 10.5 metres, enabling it to be used together with front mounted mower conditioners of different sizes. Each side can be adjusted individually either manually or automatically. AutoBalance suspension maintains the optimal position at all times, also in curves.

Automatic Curve Compensation (ACC) uses the machine’s own GPS system to adjust the overlap of the cutter bars in curves to prevent any unmown areas between the front and rear units. The same GPS system is used for the Headland Automatics (HA), which raises the rear mower conditioners automatically at the exact same spot where the front units were raised. In this way, the operator can focus on the front unit alone. The HydroActive hydraulic release device provides impact protection in case of obstacles.

The SideFlow auger conveyor is ideal for harvesting forage plants with stalks. For the ultimate cutting power and highest possible comfort levels, the NM 10500 is the right choice!

  • Tractor power requirement, min/max = 190 - 290kw
  • Minimum recommended front mower = 3.2m
  • Working width = 9.4 - 10.5m
  • Number of discs = 18
  • Adjustable skid shoes = Yes
  • Round forged steel finger conditioner = Yes
  • Rotor width = 2x2150mm
  • Rotor speed = 900/1100 RPM
  • Swath width = 2 x 2.2m
  • Merged swath width = 1.6 - 2.5m
  • Auger conveyor = Yes
  • HydroBalance suspension = Yes
  • HydroActive release = Yes
  • Transport width = 3m
  • Height in transport mode = 4m
  • Weight = 4080kg
  • PTO speed = 1000 RPM
  • Hydraulic pressure, min/max = 180-210bar
  • 3 point linkage = Cat.3
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