Sitrex products have been present in the New Zealand market since the 1980’s, providing Farmers with quality haymaking equipment.

With the acquisition of Abbriata and AGM Sitrex has expanded to offer a full line up of Baling and feed mixing technology, that complements the range and offers a complete line up of quality solutions for the agricultural market.

Quality Equipment for New Zealand Farmers
Sitrex understands the unique farming conditions in New Zealand and has tailored their products to meet these specific requirements. Each Sitrex machine is built to withstand the rugged terrains, varying weather conditions, and demanding work environments commonly encountered in the region. With Sitrex, you can have confidence in equipment that is designed to perform reliably, helping you achieve optimal results in your farming operations.

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Productivity
Sitrex products are equipped with innovative features and technologies designed to enhance productivity and efficiency on the farm. Whether it's their advanced hay equipment for efficient baling and handling, or their versatile tillage implements for effective seedbed preparation, Sitrex offers cutting-edge solutions to streamline your farming processes. With Sitrex equipment, you can work smarter, save time, and maximise your overall productivity.

Durability and Longevity
Investing in durable and reliable equipment is crucial for long-term success in farming. Sitrex products are built to last, utilising high-quality materials and components. Their robust construction ensures that the machines can withstand heavy-duty use and endure the challenges of farming operations. With Sitrex, you can expect equipment that offers longevity, consistent performance, and minimal downtime, allowing you to focus on your farming tasks with confidence.

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