NM 3200 F

Finally, a front mower conditioner with all the benefits of a trailed mower conditioner!

The ELHO NM 3200 F front mower conditioner offers power, good handling, HydroBalance suspension and the Pendulum Centre System (PCS). The frame allows the cutter bar to follow the field surface freely and avoid obstacles – a mower conditioner cannot get any better than this!

The NM 3200 F is also available with the optional HydroBalance top link, which offers more movement in a more controlled manner, as well as other additional equipment. When working with trailed mowers and mower conditioners, ELHO front mower conditioners provide additional cutting power. For example, combining an NM 3200 F with an NM 9000 Delta allows even large fields to be covered efficiently.

Tractor power requirement : 60-90kw
Minimum recommended tractor weight : 5000kg
Working width : 3.2m
Number of discs : 8
Adjustable skid shoes : Yes
Round forged steel finger : Yes
Rotor width : 2500mm
Rotor speed : 920 RPM
Swath width : 1.2-1.8m
HydroBalance suspension : Yes
HydroActive release : Yes
Transport width : 3m
Weight : 1100kg
PTO speed : 1000 RPM
Hydraulic coupling, single action : 1
Hydraulic pressure : 140-210bar
3 point linkage : Cat.2/3

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