Fast mowing and high-quality forage!
The versatile ELHO NK 3300 VC (vertical center) disc mower meets a wide range of needs.

Vertical center disc mowers follow the centerline of the tractor when raised for optimal stability in transport mode. Patented HydroBalance suspension enables the cutter bar to follow the field surface precisely without hitting the ground without a complicated spring system. In the event of an obstacle, the quick release mechanism allows the disc mower to move back and forth. The disc mower then automatically returns to the working position immediately after the obstacle. All made from extremely high-quality Swedish steel. Fully complying with all European manufacturing requirements and quality control.

Tractor power requirement, min/max = 60-90kw
Working width = 3.3m
Number of discs = 8
Adjustable skid shoes = Yes
HydroBalance suspension = Yes
Mechanical release, automatic return = Yes
Transport width = 2.2m
Height in transport mode = 3.6m
Weight = 980kg
PTO speed = 1000 RPM
Hydraulic coupling = one double action
Hydraulic pressure, min/max = 120-210bar
3-point linkage = Cat.2

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