DC 2100 S

A versatile, functional and affordable double chopper for harvesting forage!

The side-mounted ELHO DC 2100 S double chopper is a powerful machine that features a large chopper rotor and auger conveyor. The wide DC 2100 S has a very solid frame with great torsional rigidity that prevents bending in the long run and maintains the knife area ratios.

The machine picks forage from a swath precisely, and the auger conveyor feeds it steadily into the chopper. A curved chamber that opens backwards and the adjustable plate in front of the conveyor auger guarantee that the DC 2100 also functions with wet forage. The DC 2100 S comes standard with eight chopping knives, but the machine can also be used with two or four knives to produce longer chaff. The shape of the knives prevents suction known to occur with choppers and keeps the forage clean.

The lateral shift of the towing hook and electric control of the chute’s height and oscillation make filling the trailer extremely easy. In smaller fields, the ELHO DC 2100 can also function as a replacement for a mower conditioner.

Tractor power requirement : 70-110kw
Working width : 2.1m
Number of knives on rotor : 48
Number of cutting knives : 8
Tyre size : 26x12.00-12
Rotor speed : 2000 RPM
Cutter speed : 1080 RPM
Weight : 1000kg
Power transmission : 540 RPM
Transport width : 2.8m
Transport height : 2.19m
Transport length : 2.2m
Width : 3m
Height : 3m

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