RotorCutter 1800

The ELHO RotorCutter 1800 for extremely effective forage/straw distribution and shredding!
With the ELHO RotorCutter 1800, forage can be distributed on the feeding table and the work carried out easily with one tractor. The RotorCutter 1800 is also ideal for shredding and spreading straw bales, also in deep boxes. This machine has many uses, and plenty of additional equipment is available for various working conditions and needs.

The RotorCutter 1800 is especially designed for shredding straw and forage bales. The length of the chaff can be adjusted. Forage and straw can be spread in both directions, both right and left. The strong loading fork makes the work easier and faster.

The RotorCutter 1800 can also be trailed. A wheel and drawbar set is available as additional equipment along with many more useful accessories.

The RotorCutter 1800 is a durable and affordable option for forage and straw distribution.

Tractor power requirement min/max = 50-60Kw
Round bales max Ø = 1,7m
Weight = 1100Kg
Total width = 2.6m
Length = 2.5m
Number of knives = 17
PTO speed = 540-1000Rpm
PTO-shaft with friction torque limiter = Yes
Hydraulic coupling = 1 single action
Hydraulic coupling = 1 double action
Hydraulic connection = 1 free return
Hydraulic flow max/min = 30/10 l/min
Oil pressure = 100Bar

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